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Q: What types of pests can you provide pest control for?
Pestmaster Services® offers a variety of pest control solutions for environmental invaders ranging from insects to rodents, nuisance wildlife to pest birds, vegetation management to aquatic pest management, tree and shrub care to weed control. Read more….

Q: How does Pestmaster Services® differentiate itself from other exterminator services?
More than just an exterminator, Pestmaster Services® takes extermination and pest control to the next level. Let us show you firsthand what Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is all about. Read more….

Q: Can you provide bed bug treatment?
Our bed bug treatments are extremely effective and begin with a bed bug inspection. As infestations of bed bugs have increased exponentially, bed bug control has become a larger part of our pest control and pest extermination services. Read more….

Q: If after a bed bug inspection my home needs treatment, what type of bed bug treatment do you use?
We offer comprehensive bed bug inspections by trained bed bug inspectors to identify if you suffer from bed bugs, and offer bed bug treatments with Pest Management EnvironMentality. Read more….

Q: What types of termite control options do you offer?
Our termite control services include complete termite inspections and termite treatment. Preventing and ridding homes of termites is an essential component of our pest control business. Read more….

Q: Can you help with ant control for both homes and businesses?
Our ant control services can help home and business owners control carpenter ants, Argentine ants, and more. Ant extermination is one of our pest control specialties, and as a leader in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for residential and commercial properties we do more than just show you how to get rid of ants and other pests. Read more….

Q: Can your rodent control experts help me lessen the risk of obtaining the Hantavirus infection?
Our rodent control technicians can rid you of mice, rats, moles and other rodents who may carry Hantavirus. Rodent removal and rodent dropping clean-up is vital because this life-threatening virus is found in the urine Read more….

Q: Is your pest control franchise opportunity open to first-time business owners?
Our pest control franchise opportunities are available to first-time and experienced business owners alike. Through this pest control business opportunity you’ll be trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and pest control. Read more….

Q: What does it mean to practice pest control?
As a company committed to pest control products, our first and foremost concern is the health of our customers, their families and their pets. Pestmaster Services® has been a leader in performing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Read more….

Q: Can you help me with roach extermination issues?
Pestmaster Services® offers roach control solutions for roach-free peace-of-mind performed by pest control technicians who are more than exterminators. They are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Read more….

Q: What types of customers does your pest control business opportunity allow me to serve?
Pestmaster Services® offers a pest control business opportunity with serious growth potential. When you sign on to our pest control franchise opportunity you’ll have a chance to provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Read more….

Q: How would this pest control franchise opportunity affiliate me with the General Services Administration?
Our pest control franchise opportunity offers many exciting aspects, one being that it is a pest control business opportunity that makes you a certified GSA Vendor. In addition to residential and commercial customers Read more….

Q: Are your extermination technicians licensed professionals?
Our extermination technicians are a cut above your average exterminator. Before working for our pest control and pest management company they are required to become licensed. Read more….

Q: Are your termite inspections guaranteed?
Our termite inspections are guaranteed and carried out by experienced termite inspectors. Pestmaster Services® termite control services include not only inspection but also termite extermination and damage repair.bird-control Read more….

Q: What sorts of bird control solutions do you offer?
Our bird control solutions include bird netting, bird traps, repellants and bird waste decontamination and removal. In addition to pest control for birds we also provide bat control for residential and commercial clients. Read more….

Q: Can you offer me vegetation control solutions of any sort? 
Vegetation control and vegetation management are services we are proud to offer our clientele. Look to us for weed control and treatment for excess shrubs, trees and other unwanted vegetation on railroads, building perimeters, fence lines and more. Read more….

Q: What are your animal trapping techniques for the animals?
Our animal trapping techniques can help you with bird control, rodent control and more. Read more….

Q: What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) means more than just spraying. It means pest inspection, pest monitoring, habitat modification, exclusion methods and other innovative forms of pest control. Read more….

Q: Do you practice pest control management?
Pest control management is a commitment we’ve made, and we offer a host of pest control solutions that make us a leading exterminator. Eco-friendly pest control using Integrated Pest Management Read more….

Q: Are there any pests you cant show me how to get rid of?
We know how to get rid of pests across the board. Our pest control services are available for the elimination of bed bugs, termites, rodents, ants, fleas, cockroaches, and much, much more. Read more….


Exceptional Service

Pestmaster® has demonstrated continually to possess the required licenses, equipment, tools, and qualified personnel to handle this contract for Metro Properties. Their management team has provided quick response service, detailed work, and they possess a proactive attitude that divides their companies’ service from the rest and sets the standards for customer service.

Keith J.

Nothing Short of Excellent

It is a pleasure to work with a company that realizes that beyond the bottom line are people who come together in our community to work, play, live and pray and when we all take care of each other we will all thrive.

Diane R.

Appreciation for Diligent Work

JC has made a diligent effort to support us in preventing pest issues in our kitchen over the past few months. He is reliable and easy to communicate with. He has support us by taking care of all our requests from spraying in certain areas to providing additional traps when needed. In addition he has come up with ideas for preventing further pest issues. We have really enjoyed working with JC and are grateful for his support and expertise.

Stephanie M.

Honest, reliable and fair,

Sherry C.

You will not find better!

Very nice, very honest, very prompt…you can not get any better service than these guys. They even came out again just to check out some of my concerns. Don’t waste your time with any other company…you will not find better,

Pier M.
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