Pest control for your school, university or educational facility

School Pest Control

A healthy learning environment starts with prevention. Prevention begins with inspections and an inventory of maintenance needs that will support a pest free environment without the need of pesticides. When pesticides are required, it should only be done through Pest Management With Environmentality®.

As IPM Expert for LAUSD, we train personnel and in-house IPM Coordinators to understand and identify true IPM practitioners who:

  • Inspect
  • Use monitors to identify insects and rodents
  • Perform habitat modifications
  • Complete exclusion methods
  • Manage landscape needs to support the absence of pests
  • Utilize biological controls
  • Utilize plant-based materials
  • Utilize exempt and reduced-risk pesticides per EPA regulations.

Additional resources can be found in the California School IPM Guidebook at the DPR’s School IPM website. Solutions include:

  • Excellent reference book for pests
  • Includes weeds and landscape pests
  • Sample contracts
  • Help understanding what an in-house pest control person or contractor should be doing
  • Help raising the bar of professional pest control.

School Exterminator

Pestmaster® Services has more than 30 years experience providing pest control solutions to Federal and State governments, school districts, businesses and homes. For nearly 10 years, the company has shared this experience with the Department of Pesticide Regulation while serving as a trainer for the agency.


Exceptional Service

Pestmaster® has demonstrated continually to possess the required licenses, equipment, tools, and qualified personnel to handle this contract for Metro Properties. Their management team has provided quick response service, detailed work, and they possess a proactive attitude that divides their companies’ service from the rest and sets the standards for customer service.

Keith J.

Nothing Short of Excellent

It is a pleasure to work with a company that realizes that beyond the bottom line are people who come together in our community to work, play, live and pray and when we all take care of each other we will all thrive.

Diane R.

Appreciation for Diligent Work

JC has made a diligent effort to support us in preventing pest issues in our kitchen over the past few months. He is reliable and easy to communicate with. He has support us by taking care of all our requests from spraying in certain areas to providing additional traps when needed. In addition he has come up with ideas for preventing further pest issues. We have really enjoyed working with JC and are grateful for his support and expertise.

Stephanie M.

Honest, reliable and fair,

Sherry C.

You will not find better!

Very nice, very honest, very prompt…you can not get any better service than these guys. They even came out again just to check out some of my concerns. Don’t waste your time with any other company…you will not find better,

Pier M.
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