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Q: What are your animal trapping techniques for the animals?

Our animal trapping techniques can help you with bird controlrodent control, and more. Our solutions are prepared for and completed with Pest Management with Environmentality® for all our residential animal trapping and commercial animal trapping cases. Call today to discuss the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) procedures best for your situation and get rid of unwanted animals on your property.

At Pestmaster Services®, your residential animal trapping and commercial animal trapping needs can be met.  All rodent control, bird control, and pest control issues begin with a thorough inspection and positive identification. With that knowledge, we then develop a plan utilizing the following pest control methods:

  • Animal traps
  • Baits
  • Biological controls
  • Exclusion methods
  • Other non-pesticide approaches

Furthermore, we’re a pest management company that can show you how to get rid of pests without harming them through our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. Don’t let your property be overrun by animals. They don’t pay rent, so send them packing with the help of Pestmaster Services®!

If you’re wondering how to get rid of pests, call the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and pest control specialists at Pestmaster Services®. Animal trapping is an art that we’ve perfected for more than 40 years. Our service technicians know how to effectively mitigate bird control, rodent control, and other nuisance wildlife using animal traps and other methods for effective and long lasting results.

We invite you to learn more about our animal trapping techniques. At Pestmaster Services®, our bird control and rodent control is performed using animal traps that don’t harm the animals, allowing us to relocate them from your property to a more appropriate environment for them as well as for you.


Exceptional Service

Pestmaster® has demonstrated continually to possess the required licenses, equipment, tools, and qualified personnel to handle this contract for Metro Properties. Their management team has provided quick response service, detailed work, and they possess a proactive attitude that divides their companies’ service from the rest and sets the standards for customer service.

Keith J.

Nothing Short of Excellent

It is a pleasure to work with a company that realizes that beyond the bottom line are people who come together in our community to work, play, live and pray and when we all take care of each other we will all thrive.

Diane R.

Appreciation for Diligent Work

JC has made a diligent effort to support us in preventing pest issues in our kitchen over the past few months. He is reliable and easy to communicate with. He has support us by taking care of all our requests from spraying in certain areas to providing additional traps when needed. In addition he has come up with ideas for preventing further pest issues. We have really enjoyed working with JC and are grateful for his support and expertise.

Stephanie M.

Honest, reliable and fair,

Sherry C.

You will not find better!

Very nice, very honest, very prompt…you can not get any better service than these guys. They even came out again just to check out some of my concerns. Don’t waste your time with any other company…you will not find better,

Pier M.
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